12th Global Summit

13 - 18 June 2019

South of France

What is a OuiShare Summit?

OuiShare Global Summits are where our international community meets to develop our organization and shared vision together, set strategic goals, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team of Connectors and members.
It’s also a great way for new people who would like to get involved in OuiShare to meet the most active members of the community and get a glimpse of how OuiShare works.
Since its origins in 2012, Summits have been a fundamental part of our development, but also a chance to bring our expertise to the communities that host us.

After 11 successful summits, it’s now time to go back to France: Welcome to the 12th OuiShare Summit in South of France.

This Summit will take place from the Thursday 13th midday to the Tuesday 18th midday for the full experience

From June 13th midday to 15th midday: thematic or project coworking, onboarding newcomers, the inclusion of old member, Ouishare friends, other collaborators. Take that chance to join those flexible days also for resting, playing and wellbeing. Please enjoy and suggest working group for the +2 presummit days of Be-tank and free workshops.

From 15th midday to 18th midday: the 4 days of the summit. There is as usual 2/3 core days in the middle of 2 days for welcoming, partying and Departures until the 18th midday

It takes place in France at l’Ancien Monastère de Sainte-Croix, an oecumenical place that had been converted to a cultural and ecological focuses place. Sainte-Croix is a village of the « Drome valley », also surnamed « bio valley » (department 26) situated between Lyon and Marseille. It is a nice place, have a look 🙂 Here is the Monastery’s website… See you there 🙂

12th Summit in South of France will start in









13th midday to 15th midday of June

#Betank oriented

2 days before the Ouishare Summit core aim to offer a space to practice Ouishare coworking, collaboration, to connect, to cultivate inclusion, freedom, p2p organisation, knowledge sharing and friendship.

It is the moment to gather new Ouishare members, Old members and Friends 🙂

Powerful and Open days for new members to onboard on Ouishare adventure better, for old members and connectors to keep in touch and experiment their new activity with us, for everyone to go deeper into few subjects, co-work on common projects IRL, just enjoy the community or the space to have rest! We think about an open program and self-organized workshops, supported by the program team. We plan to have Inclusion moments and onboarding workshop(s), Old members reflections about their rôle.
It is a great moment to connect and increases chances to nourish ourselves individually!

15th midday to 18th midday of June

#Thinktank & #Dotank oriented

Dedicated to the permanent beta of Ouishare: deepening connections, drawing our framework and defining focuses, sharing knowledge. We will deep-dive into our most pressing questions and co-develop the future of our organization. We will also have the opportunity to meet local people and projects at some point.

To sum it up

Thursday 13th: First Extra day / Community culture / connecting & open program (especially recommended for new and old members)
Friday 14th: Second Extra day and fiesta
3/4 Core days program:
Saturday 15th: core day 1 morning to midday “relaxing & connecting (second wave of arrivals)” + Afternoon “opening”
Sunday 16th: Core day 2 “discussions & workshops”
Monday 17th: Core day 3 “discussions & workshops”
Tuesday 18th: + Additional discussions and workshops if needed or free day and goodbyes

Big Summit

Extra days + Core Days from 13th (midday) to 18th (midday) of June.
It is up to you to join the 2 extra days Dear Freelance and connector friend 🙂 It is a bonus for the community but it is up to you.

Core Summit

Core days from 15th to 18th (midday) of June when we will focus on the Ouishare organization. The participation of the active community is expected for those core days.

Flash summit

Extra days only. As old members or Ouishare friends, you are welcome to participate in the summit for the first part “the extras days” where the large Ouishare community gather.


Also, if you’re bringing your partner or family along or planning to stay longer, before or after summit dates, and you’re planning to explore the South of France, we got you covered: get in touch with claudine@ouishare.net to get all info about the space.

Travel stipends

This year, we may support a part of the travel costs some travel budget available to help cover part or all of your travel costs to the OuiShare Summit. Please only apply if you are not able to join the summit without this support.

Get in touch

General questions via slack #ouishare-summit ( go to slack channel ) or get in touch with the team members

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