12th Global Summit

13 - 18 June 2019

South of France

What is a OuiShare Summit?

OuiShare Global Summits are where our international community meets to develop our organization and shared a vision together, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team. After 11 successful summits, it’s now time to go back to France:

Welcome to the 12th Ouishare Summit in South of France!




Join us from Thursday 13th to Tuesday 18th for the full Summit experience!


This year we will meet in a monastery converted to a collaborative place in Sainte-Croix village in the beautiful Drôme valley, caring the energy of an “eco valley”. It is located between Lyon and Marseille in a beautiful place, created with care and surrounded by nature. We can’t wait to see you there!

More information about this international cultural and ecological centre: l’Ancien Monastère’s website.


Midday 13th to midday 15th of June

#Betank oriented

During 2 days we will offer a very open space for learning, coworking, connecting, onboarding properly newcomers, catching up with alumni, knowing better collaborators and friends of Ouishare. Thanks to a self-organized program, supported by the program team, no worry. All participants can join to co-work or participate in a BarCamp in order to address all the question that seems important to work on in our society and as Ouishare collective. In addition, the team will offers: onboarding activities, a beta test of new workshop designs, workshops for knowledge exchange, spontaneous ways or facilitation to create and deepen connections between participants. We encourage also to enjoy resting and playing.

On Friday, June 14th we will host a Coworking Day (click here) from 10 am to 8:30 pm, with an Apéro from 6 pm, to which we will also connect the local ecosystem to get inspired by the region activities and share on the burning topics. Let us know if you have any suggestions for program elements you’d like to see or host!

Midday 15th to midday 18th of June

#Thinktank & #Dotank oriented

The Core Days of the Summit are dedicated to the permanent beta of Ouishare: we will deep-dive into our most pressing questions and co-develop the future of our organization. Together we are creating a program that allows us to work on our shared vision, deepen connections between the global communities, further develop our framework, share the progress made in the past year, define topics of focus, solve tensions and share knowledge. We are also working on creating the opportunity to meet local people and explore regional projects at some point during these days. If you’re a member of the active Ouishare community, your participation during these days is expected.

To sum it up

Thursday 13th: First Pre-Summit Day / Arriving, connecting & open program (Especially recommended for new members, alumni and collaborators)

Friday 14th: Second Pre-Summit Day / open program, Coworking and apéro to discover the local ecosystem actions, and offer to meet Ouishare community.

Saturday 15th: Core Day 1 /  morning to midday: relaxing & connecting, afternoon: opening

Sunday 16th: Core Day 2  / discussions & workshops

Monday 17th: Core Day 3 / discussions & workshops

Tuesday 18th: Post Summit / Additional discussions and workshops if needed, free time and goodbyes

Ways to Participate

As an active member, take the opportunity to come for the full experience from 13th to the 18th. Come, share and deeply connect during the Pre-Summit Days plus deep dive with us during the Core Days.

We are looking for support to carry the organization during the summit, please tell us how you can contribute in the ticket registration survey.

As collaborators, Ouishare alumni or friends, you are welcome to participate in the Pre-Summit Days where we are open to the larger community.

Tickets information

Supporters & Curious

As we are an open community, everyone is welcome, especially during the Pre-Summit days, conditions will be adapted to people not involved as active members

❁  As a member, potential member, alumni or friend ready to join but have questions, please get in touch with claudine@ouishare.net

❁ If you’re bringing your partner or family along or are planning to stay longer, we got you covered, just drop us a line.


Travel Stipends

This year again, we may support a part of your travel costs to come to the Ouishare Summit. Please auto-evaluate if you need it and how much to be able and mention it on the ticket registration survey or reach out to claudine@ouishare.net.

Active Members

For active members, the price is based on shared costs. Reduced prices for people who auto-evaluate they need it are available (see “Travel Stipends”).
We have 2 options for accommodation:

Inside Bed: mainly shared room with 2 single beds shared a room and a few ones with a double bed, as well as a few single rooms, and some shared rooms for 3 or 5 people

Tent outside next to the house: beautiful nature, in June temperature is generally good.


Ticket option 1 for the 13th and 14th: 2 half-board days (no lunch included)

Inside Bed: 55€ (RP) or 75€
Tent outside: 30€ (RP) or 50€

Ticket option 2 for the core days 15th to the 18th: 3 full-board days (all meals included) 

Inside Bed: 105€ (RP) or 135€ 

Tent outside: 70€ (RP) or 100€


If you join for the whole Summit from 13th to the 18th, you add the 2 tickets prices 🙂 Depending on the number of people and the choices, we will be able to or not apply a reduction for the Ouishare member joining for the whole summit. For exceptions or financial difficulties, please talk to claudine@ouishare.net 0033 6 60 89 19 33 or mention it in the ticket registration survey.


Get in touch

You can ask general questions via slack #ouishare-summit (go to slack channel) or get in touch with the team members:

Get to know Ouishare to collaborate and join the Summit: sarah@ouishare.net + manel@ouishare.net

Prepare your journey as an active member, or offer to contribute to the organisation: claudine@ouishare.net

Technical issues: ehab@ouishare.net

Talking about programming questions and suggestions: alicia@ouishare.net + claudine@ouishare.net

Get prepared as new members: theresa@ouishare.net + arthur.chammas@ouishare.net

All questions regarding food: mathieu@ouishare.net

Claudine Revol

Claudine Revol

Theresa Fend

Theresa Fend

Sarah Eisenmann

Sarah Eisenmann

Ehab Elia

Ehab Elia

Mathieu Grandperrin

Mathieu Grandperrin

Alicia Trepat Pont

Alicia Trepat Pont

Arthur Chammas

Arthur Chammas




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