Copass Tour!

Cowork and tour London Coworking spaces at the London Summit

Our friends at Copass have organised it for you to have a tour of London coworking spaces near tech city AND to Cowork at WorkHubs in Euston, close to the Euro Star and 90 Mainyard while you are in to

Ziferblat London – Copass

Ziferblat is a place where everyone can feel at home. Here you are free to be yourself; you can work, do some art, read a book, play piano, get acquainted with good people, attend events,…

Campus London

At Campus, our mission is to create an environment that encourages innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking. With speedy wifi, a cafĂ©, frequent networking and speaking…

Cowork via Copass at the OuiShare London Summit

How Copass works for a Copasser – Copass

If you are coming to the summit and want to get some work done sign up and Copass and Bernie or Micheal will add you to the OuiShare Summit Group. You can work at either of the spaces below.

Price of

Coworking London – Connect, Network & Grow

@Work Hubs coworking space Central London, is a unique new way of working & doing biz, we have combined physical coworking space with…

Connect on the hashtag #OSldn

Share you photos and thoughts…

Post your photos and thoughts to the #OSldn hashtag to Twitter, instagram, facebook, Flickr, Google+, Linkedin and anywhere else !

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