Global Summit #11 Hvar

17 - 21 May 2018

Island of Hvar, Croatia

What is a OuiShare Summit?

OuiShare Global Summits are where our international community meets to develop our organization and shared vision together, set strategic goals, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team of Connectors and members.
It’s also a great way for new people who would like to get involved in OuiShare to meet the most active members of the community and get a glimpse of how OuiShare works.
Since its origins in 2012, Summits have been a fundamental part of our development, but also a chance to bring our expertise to the communities that host us.
After 10 successful summits, it’s now time for a first OuiShare visit to Croatia: OuiShare Summit #11 on the island of Hvar.

Summit #11 Hvar will start in









Thursday, May 17: Arrival

Hello tired flyer from “over there”, we are here to facilitate your landing on the island offering you guided grounding and immersion into here and now where nothing else exists except the islands nature… and you. You breath, you walk, you observe, you blend all 3 in 1 and you repeat …then we have fun together.

Friday, May 18: Strategy

 The first day we will take the time to understand the challenges and vision of each local community, its relation to the global one, and the direction we want to take forward. 

Saturday, May 19: Personal Interactions

The second day will be devoted to promoting the connection between all the members, from skill sharing to kick-starting projects. The goal is to make everyone aware of Ouishare’s biggest resource: its people!

Sunday, May 20: Summit Hikes

We love the idea of OuiShare Summit Hikes (shout out to the OuiShare Munich team). So why not to take some time and meet one of the most beautiful islands in the world while hiking? Few hours of the hike in the beautiful natural environment and the peak of Saint Nicolas will reward us with some of the country’s most impressive scenery.

Monday, May 21: Till next time!

The day will come that we will say goodbye. But being fuelled with ideas, connections and memories we can celebrate the finals of the summit, and continue exploring the island and Croatia.

Post-Summit Activity : Spomenik Trip

An exploration of Yugoslavia’s historic and enigmatic commemorative endeavor into abstract and forceful WWII monuments built between 1960 & 1990.


Also, if you’re bringing your partner or family along or planning to stay longer, before or after summit dates, and you’re planning to explore the island from Jelsa, we got you covered: get in touch with to get the code for a discounted stay at the hotel Hvar for OuiShare members and friends.

Travel stipends

This year, we have some travel budget available to help cover part or all of your travel costs to the OuiShare Summit in Hvar. Please only apply if you are not able to join the summit without this support.

What to bring?

The weather should be sunny and around 20°C in May, but the wind can be strong. It is rarely raining but it could happen. Bring some warmer layers just in case! Don’t forget your swimwear, hiking shoes, and sun protection. You can also bring your yoga mat (there will be some provided by the hotel), we’ll be doing exercises every morning right at the spot on the picture!



150 years of organized tourism

Although there will be organized events all year to mark the 150th anniversary of organized tourism in Hvar, the main celebration will be centered around the month of May. Big celebrations are planned in Hvar from 10-15 May 2018, which was the date back in 1858 when the first tourist community was established. It was in 1858 that the first hotel, with 13-rooms, opened in Hvar. There will be numerous exhibitions, concerts, and other entertainment programmes during the course of the year, and all with an international character.

Closing party at “U smokve”

Enter “U Smokve”, a charming restaurant in the heart of Jelsa where great food meets equally great hosts. The square where “U Smokve” is located will become our dance floor for the night and a place to meet and greet locals. If you find it hard to pronounce Croatian name of this place, you can also look for “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” since the owners are big fans of Douglas Adams’ seminal book. Craving some ‘Space Pasta’ with a Mediterranean twist? This is the right place to taste it!

BEING with Marica

Marica is the artistic director of Theatre BESA from the island of Vis. Two core mornings we shall start with an hour of meditation and physical activities focused on observing your psychodynamic. We shall be using the bodies, theater exercises and visualization to wake ourselves into an abundance of energy, inner power, and joy required to meet our community gathering purpose.

Jelsa, Island of Hvar

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