13th Global Summit (Online)

15th June - 20th June 2020

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What is a OuiShare Summit?

OuiShare Global Summits are where our international community meets to develop our organization and shared a vision together, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team. After 12 successful summits, it’s now time for the 13th Global Summit but for the first time …. Online

Get the feel of this first Global Online Summit by joining us here 

13th Global Summit Online will start in









Download the program : Program.pdf

Any suggestions, comments on the program post them here : Loomio – Program Global Summit #13

We were inspired by @Friederike Lilien Abitz ’s Pre-Summit Session on Dragon Dreaming and have included elements of the four stages throughout the Summit: Dreaming – Planning – Doing –  Celebrating.

Mandatory : You need to have a computer to have the best experience during the summit session

Monday 15th June | Opening Session

Dragon Dreaming stage: Celebration

6.00 pm to 7.30pm CET


We’re together, doing projects that we love, learning about and with each other! Let’s celebrate!
Includes: Surprise performance
Beware: please bring your own drinks

Tuesday 16th June

Dragon Dreaming stage: Dreaming


2.00 – 3.00 pm CET – Block I – Community & Culture

Let’s inspire each other with what we’ve done and learned during this past year!

3.30 – 5.30 pm CET – Block I – Community & Culture

Only for the Ouishare Core Team : Connectors & Active members

Manifesto & Values alignment – We want to walk the talk. How do we embody our values in specific practices ?

7.00 – 8.30 pm CET – Summit Observatory

Only for the Ouishare Core Team : Connectors & Active members

A space to go deeper into today’s topics, share & reflect

Wednesday 17th June

Dragon Dreaming stage: Planning


2pm to 5.30pm CET – Block II – Commons

Only for the Ouishare Core Team : Connectors & Active members


 Last year we talked a lot about the commons, it’s an abstract concept with many practical implications. We have decisions to be made and discussions pending on many topics!
Opt-in, Global operations, our governance roles, our brand…
What’s our minimal viable “commons”?

Thursday 18th June

Dragon Dreaming stage: Doing


2pm to 3.30pm CET – Block III – Exploring the Edges

Exploring the Edges in times of Covid-19 & Environmental crisis.
Let’s engage in an online Fishbowl discussing on the topics that shake and shape our current reality, get your thoughts ready!


4.00 – 5.30 pm CET – Summit Observatory

A space to go deeper into today’s topics, share & reflect

Friday 19th June

Dragon Dreaming stage: Dreaming


2pm to 4pm CET – Block IV – Open Space


 even if online, there is always space in the OS Summit for an Open Space, what conversations do you want to have during the Summit? what projects do you want to propose? Bring your burning topics, learnings, skills and questions !

Saturday 20th June | Closing & Apéro Session

Dragon Dreaming stage: Celebration


5pm to 6.30pm CET


Wrapping up and Celebrating! Bring your favorite drink !

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